Hidden Gems of London

Last summer I had the opportunity to meet my older sister in Europe for about a week. We split time between London and Amsterdam (Amsterdam blog post is coming soon). With this being my first trip to Europe, I thought I knew what to expect and I thought London was going to be my least favorite between the two. I soon realized that London was a place I would fall in love with and want to live at some point in my lifetime. Aside from seeing the major things like Big Ben, China Town, Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park, there are a handful of highlights that I am going to share with you all, just in case you happen to find yourself in London.

We booked our stay at the Astor Hyde Park Hostel. Not is it inexpensive for young travelers, but they provide so many opportunities for their travelers to meet other travelers and go out and see the city. This is where we met most of our friends on our trip. It was comfortable, adorable, clean, and incredibly accommodating. There is free WiFi and there are so many resources to manage the buses and the tube. Astor Hostel is also down the street from Hyde Park which made it convenient to locate the neighborhood around us and take a long stroll through the park.

There are a few food places in London that I still talk about on a weekly basis. This first cafe is one of them. If you are looking for a cafe that truly makes you feel like you’re in a European movie living your best life with your oat milk latte and colorful handmade pastries, then Feya Cafe is your place to be. We went twice during our time because we fell so obsessed with it. It is absolutely petite and so vibrant with colors and smells from their fresh pastries and small station where they make all the food. I ordered the Rose Avo Toast with a Lychee Rose Cooler and my sister got one of their smoothie bowls. If you are in the area in London, just go.

Feya Cafe

The other food place I will absolutely go back to is called Dinerama. It is a Street Food Arena that is basically a vegan street party. They have Indian food, Argentinian food, Mexican food, Carribean food, a beer bar, a cocktail bar, and so much more. If you want a fun, spicy night out with great drinks, fabulous food, and irresistible energy, Dinerama is your place to be. While we only stopped in briefly for a snack and quick drink earlier in the night, this definitely seemed to be a place where they get the party started.


The Book Club is an East London bar and club where my sister and I went to watch an underground spoken word & hip hop show. This was the highlight of our London experience which provided us with intimate entertainment in the basement level, wonderful service at the bar on the main floor, and a rockin’ photo booth to capture your night. To get a better idea at what types of events they put on, I looked at their February calendar. There are multiple hip hop shows featuring different artists, a dreamcatcher making event, speed dating, and workshops that collaborate art and your wellbeing. The list does not end there. You can hit up The Book Club despite any emotion you may be feeling that day. Odds are there will be something for you.

The Book Club

The Camden Market is another place everyone should go visit if you happen to be in London. It is beautifully overwhelming with all of the food stands and food trucks you quite literally run into. If you’re craving a specific food from any nationality, this most likely is your place to be.

The Camden Market

I will be returning to London in a few months and may create a London Part Two post about some gems.

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